Tom Bihn Guide's Edition v2 23 vs 33 size comparison (2020 Labs Edition)

As a quick followup to my prior post, Tom Bihn was kind enough to send me a Shadow Guide 23 to use to compare size.

From a review standpoint, the bag is excellent. Refer to my review of the 33; same great design and thoughtful layout applies.

One thing I thought was interesting was the fact the top portion, the upper storage 'lid' is functionally the same size as the Shadow Guide 33.  

From a size perspective the Shadow Guide 23 isn't much smaller. It's interesting that the two sizes seem so extreme in the model shots and listed capacity.... it legitimately feels like about the same storage capacity.  I was in LOVE with the TB SG 33 prior to receiving the TBSG 23; now I feel like the TBSG 23 is the better bag for most, especially short to average sized folks. It holds a TON still but isn't as big of a bag.

TB Shadow Guide 33:

Dimensions: 14" (w) x 21.7" (h) x 9.0" (d) / 355 (w) x 550 (h) x 230 (d) mm

TB Shadow Guide 23:

Dimensions: 12.6" (w) x 19.3" (h) x 9.0" (d) / 320 (w) x 490 (h) x 230 (d) mm

Comparison Pics

TB Shadow Guide 33 - side view

TB Shadow Guide 33 - rear view

TB Shadow Guide 23 - Side View

TB Shadow Guide 23 - Rear View

Hope this makes the buying decision easier for folks!  I'm loving the TBSG23 and imagine myself carrying it more often than the bigger brother.