We're breaking down the Top 5 Tips for Buying a Briefcase. I've been using this briefcase as a daily commuter for the past year. Great mix of classic style, high quality materials and functional design.

Let's break down the top features you should look for in a briefcase and how they stood up thus far with The Shinola Bedrock Brief.

Measurements: 11" H x 15.5" W x 3.25" D

1. Material: The Shinola Bedrock Brief uses harness leather that has superb strength and workability commonly used for horse riding, outdoor gear, and weightlifter’s belts. The tanned oils and waxes will also help repel water. This leather is a great option for the long-term wear and tear that results in a great investment.

Full-grain is also a top contender when looking for ideal leather. More info on that here: BestLeather.org

2. Hardware: The antique gold toned hardware has a nice weight to it and feels sturdy. The handle, shoulder strap fittings, zippers, and buckles take the most abuse on a daily basis and are likely to wear out the quickest. I haven't experienced any wear on these components yet.

3. Formality: This bag is more of a hard-sided brief. It's nice because the bag will stand upright every time you put it down, no matter how much is packed inside. Helpful when in meeting rooms or next to your desk for ease of use. You can easily peak inside this thing and quickly get out what you need.

Some prefer soft leather as it forms better against your body when commuting. This hard leather may have a negative impact if your commute is more strenuous. Shinola used to offer a few softer leather options, you can still find them here for a slight discount: Bloomingdales

4. Durability: The stitching on the bag should be straight and even looking, inside and outside. That's going to help protect things like your laptop or tablet from getting banged around. The metal-feel zippers are always better quality than cheap plastic ones. This bag doesn't feel like the zipper is going to get flimsy and snag something or break.

5. Compartments: I was going for a minimal approach to my work bag, so you're not going to get gym clothes or sneakers in here but you will get plenty of pockets to keep things organized. Comfortably fits a 15" laptop and features one interior zip pocket and three interior open pockets that provide plenty of room for notebooks, portfolios and other tech items.

Overall, I would recommend this brief to folks who want to impress clients or simply enjoy a more styled look over a backpack or other #onebag options. If you have experience with a brief and want to share your positive or negative feedback, send us a note and we'll keep this thread going.